Representing Landlords And Property Owners During Eviction Proceedings

Landlords have a right to evict a tenant when there is a breach of contract. It is important for landlords and property management to follow all rules and procedures when going forward with an eviction. Failing to do so could mean landlords have an obligation to pay for damages and legal fees.

At Burdon & Merlitti, our attorneys have decades of experience resolving complex and contentious landlord-tenant disputes. We will work with you to understand the facts of your case and ensure that all regulations are adhered to. In addition to eviction proceedings, our attorneys can assist if you have been sued or threatened to be sued by tenant regarding a lease, security deposit or otherwise.

When Can I Evict A Tenant?

Three primary factors may warrant an eviction in Ohio:

  • Unpaid rent
  • A material breach of the lease agreement
  • Reasonable cause to believe drugs are being used, sold or manufactured on the property

It is also important to understand the situations when a landlord cannot evict a tenant:

  • Evicting a tenant on the basis of their race, sex, religion, disability or another protected class
  • Retaliating against a tenant who files a complaint against you
  • Immediately evicting a tenant who enlists in active duty for the U.S. armed forces

Trial Lawyers Who Know How To Argue In Court

It is common for landlord-tenant disputes in Ohio to ultimately end in litigation. After receiving an eviction notice, a tenant has three days to vacate the premises. If the tenant fails to leave the property after three days, landlords must then file a formal complaint with the court. This is the beginning of the eviction lawsuit process, which ends in a hearing in front of a judge.

In addition to our extensive work litigating criminal cases, our attorneys have broad experience litigating civil cases, too. Our office takes dozens of eviction cases every month, giving us a level of understanding that few law firms can match. We know how judges in Ohio evaluate eviction cases, and we will use this insight to develop an effective strategy aimed at securing the outcome you desire.

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